E3 2010 | Black Prophecy trailer

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942521 20080722 screen003 E3 2010  |  Black Prophecy trailer

It is now confirmed that Black Prophecy is being published by the free gaming portal Gamigo and should be available sometime this year. Like Eve Online, Black Prophecy is set in a single persistent universe where players can customize their ships, and explore many crafting and mining options. But unlike Eve, Black Prophecy stresses action oriented gameplay where players take much more precise control over their ships in battle. This latest trailer is set to some epic music and reveals glimpses of the game’s interface, ship designs, and combat. Both first-person cockpit view and the standard third-person camera angle are supported.

To  learn more about Black Prophecy check out the official  MMOHut Black Prophecy page which includes a detailed review, tons of screenshots, and additional videos.

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