Marvel reveals Amazing Spider-Man game

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TheAmazingSpiderMan 610 Marvel reveals Amazing Spider Man game

Activision and the Edge of Time developers Beenox have revealed at New York Comic Con that The Amazing Spider-Man film reboot is being made into a video game.

At the Marvel development panel, Beenox creative director Gerard Lehiany discussed developing a game that will coincide with the movie. The Amazing Spider-Man, sharing the same name as the movie, will return to the open-world structure as some of its predecessors.

“We brought back the city into Spider-Man games,” said Lehinay. “For us it is important to be able to web-swing in the city. So that’s one of the major things that we’ve been working on.”

During the presentation, a brief discussion broke out about the game development process with Marvel, and how the universe’s characters rich and Beenox ability to transform these characters and still be close to the original character.


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