The Walking Dead social game coming to Facebook

Mar 12, 2012 10 Comments by

The Walking Dead Facebook 01 The Walking Dead social game coming to Facebook

Most of us are familiar with popular social media games like Farmville & Cityville but now a new game based on AMC’s zombie-killing series, The Walking Dead is headed for Facebook.

The Walking Dead social game is currently being developed by AMC and Eye Wide Games and pretty soon it will let you, and your friends, protect what’s yours from the groups of flesh eating walkers.

“AMC’s The Walking Dead Social Game is a next generation game for social networks,” says Eye Wides Games CEO Stephen Griffin. “It’s got deep playability. It’s got drama, and it’s still approachable for the casual audience. However, if you’re a gamer and you’ve been looking for a deeper game to play and to experience on social networks then this is it.”

The Walking Dead Facebook 02 The Walking Dead social game coming to Facebook

The Walking Dead Social Game can be found at and will allow users to place guards, gather materials and fight zombies while avoiding detection and attack.

The player controls his own unique party of survivors, which can include friends but there are also opportunities for the player to interact with characters from the hit show.


10 Responses to “The Walking Dead social game coming to Facebook”

  1. cindy lee says:

    i love the series ..

  2. Jeff Mays says:

    Sign me up

  3. Taz says:

    so where’s the game! I’m in!!

  4. GRACIE LOU says:


  5. dvoice757 says:

    hot damn……..cant wait to play this.

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  7. terry says:

    wow can’t wait to play this game

  8. DAVE UMBOWER says:


  9. Gamefreaks says:

    The game launches in April. You can sign up over at the Walking Dead Facebook page.

  10. cindy says:

    omg so addicted to the show and can’t wait to play the game

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