Watch part one of Double Fine’s Kickstarter doco

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Double Fine Adventure Watch part one of Double Fines Kickstarter doco

Double Fine and have released episode one of a new documentary series about the making of their new Double Fine Adventure game.

In this first episode, Tim Schafer and members of his team walk us through Double Fine’s now legendary Kickstarter campaign.

The first episode, “A Perfect Storm for Adventure” has previously only been available only to backers of the Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter drive.

The project is now accepting paypal contributions, and for the low low price of US$15 you too can get a copy of the game, participate in the exclusive forums, and watch the ongoing documentary series.

The San Francisco-based studio aims to have the game finished by October. “Either the game will be great or it will be a spectacular failure caught on camera for everyone to see!”, says Schafer.

If you are a fan of Double Fine or Tim Schafer, you should definitely check it out:

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