Next Skyrim update adds mounted combat

May 25, 2012 2 Comments by

Skyrim Next Skyrim update adds mounted combat

No longer shall the horsemen of Skyrim be helpless. Thanks to a new free update, players can now indulge in some good old fashioned mounted combat.

The upcoming Patch will enable players to perform both melee and ranged attacks while on horseback.  According to Bethesda, the new 1.6 update also fixes a number of bugs including situational crash issues, randomly immobile enemies, and button input problems.

“By opting into the latest Steam Beta Update, PC users can check out the feature today. As far as release on other platforms, we’ll let you know when we have more information,” reads the Bethesda blog.

The release notes for Skyrim version 1.6 are as below. No date has been set for the update.


General stability and memory optimizations
General AI pathfinding optimizations and bug fixes
Optimizations and crash fixes for data leaks
Fixed rare crash with lighting
Fixed crashes related to loading and saving games
Fixed crash with summoned creatures/NPCs
Fixed rare issue where saves would be corrupted
Improved logic for when ranged kill cams are played
Fixed issue with ranged kill cams while killing a dragon
Fixed rare issue with certain ranged kill cams not playing properly
Fixed issue with nirnroot lighting not properly cleaning up
Fixed issue where bow damage was being calculated incorrectly
Fixed rare problem with werewolf kill moves would not finish animating properly
In ‘The Break of Dawn’ fixed rare issue where Meridia’s Beacon would disappear from player’s inventory
Fixed occasional issue where followers would disappear after player pays off a county after committing a crime
Fixed issue where certain creatures and NPCs would fail to respawn properly
Fixed rare issue with dialogue subtitles not displaying properly
Fixed issue with water appearing blurry when loading a saved game after creating a save underwater


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  1. Amy Hunnisett says:

    oh my gosh, this game gets better and better ^_^ when does this come out?

  2. Gamefreaks says:

    No release date for this yet, but hopefully not far away.

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