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Playstation All Stars Battle Royale 4 Review   |   Playstation All Stars Battle Royale

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is a crossover fighting video game (where characters, settings across multiple franchises are used) featuring some of the most well known iconic video game characters including Sly Cooper, Big Daddy (Bioshock), Dante (DMC), Kratos (GOW), Sackboy (LBP), Fat Princess, Nathan Drake, Sweet Tooth and many more. It can also be played on both PS3 and Vita simultaneously using cross-play.

The premise is fairly simple, where each character has a simple story line as to why they wish to bash the heck out of each other but is largely irrelevant. The best thing about this game is the choice of characters on hand, each with their own special moves and the frenetic fighting on offer. Of course any game of the genre is ultimately about multiplayer mayhem and this one excels at it. Whether you choose to play offline with friends or online the game is just great fun.

Playstation All Stars Battle Royale 6 Review   |   Playstation All Stars Battle Royale

The game play is based on traditional arcade style where you can do the usual light, heavy attacks, block and jump, however as you damage other characters you will receive orbs for a power meter. Once you have earned enough power you can use your special move (which graduates into three levels). These super moves use your characters trade mark attacks and will defeat each opponent you hit with it, earning you points towards ultimate victory for the round, ie: most points when time runs out etc. The interesting part is that the normal attacks don’t actually damage your opponents; they merely act as a conduit for your Super moves, sounds crazy but works well.


Although it sounds simple there are many variations in attacking and counter attacking that you can master. The single player storyline acts as your tutorial for each character and there are also challenges you can perform to better perfect your technique. The environments include: Dreamscape (LittleBigPlanet), Sandover (Jak and Daxter), Hades (God of War), and Metropolis (Ratchet & Clank).

The only downside to the game is the story mode, although understandable to use as a tutorial it feels weak in comparison to the rest of the game. I didn’t feel the need to play through each characters individual story, especially when you just want to tear into the multiplayer action with your favourites.

Playstation All Stars Battle Royale 8 Review   |   Playstation All Stars Battle Royale

Battle Royale is a very solid investment for any fans of the genre, it is packed solid with awesome characters, arenas and looks fantastic to boot. It has plenty to offer both casual and more serious gamers. It may not be anything new but what it presents is done exceptionally well. Lets face it, when would you ever get to see someone like Sackboy slap Kratos around the Loco Roco arena? As an added bonus, when you buy the PS3 version you will be able to grab the PS Vita version for free which can be used during Cross Play.   [8.5]

Rating: 8.5
Platform: PlayStation 3, PS Vita
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer: SuperBot Entertainment
Genre: Brawler
Players: Single, multi online
Classification: PG
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