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Guardians of Middle Earth 1 Review   |   Guardians of Middle Earth

As a fan of The Lord of The Rings Trilogy I truly enjoyed all the action offered while playing this game, from the characters that you control through to the layout and aesthetics of the battlefield. The game is primarily focused for online play with either friends or strangers. The game objective pits 5 heroes (guardians) against 5 opponents in a brutal tactical battle. You play from either the left or right hand HQ and must work your way to the other side of the battlefield, taking down towers, enemy soldiers and of course other guardians. To beat your opponents you will need to learn the strengths and weaknesses of every character and come up with a plan on how to take advantage of them.

Games can either be played on a timed battlefield (20 minutes) or you can play skirmishes and custom matches that have no time limit. If you are unable to find online allies (and enemies) you will be allotted AI bots to assist. You’ll find that in general the bots are more than capable of holding their own and in some cases are even a lot harder to play. Once you’ve figured out the basics of standard attacks and your own special moves you can start farming XP and rank up, this will earn you valuable rewards such as relics and gems that will give you bonuses in battle.

Guardians of Middle Earth 5 Review   |   Guardians of Middle Earth

When every game begins you will start off on level 1 and progress through to the maximum of level 14 (generally in around 15 minutes), doing well at the beginning of a game will help keep you one step ahead of your opponents. When you start another game you revert back to level 1 but retain your XP and gold to buy more gems, relics and of course unlock more characters.


Relics allow you to have special abilities like an extra 25 points of health per level or more basic attack damage, to make these relics work you must have the appropriate gems which vary from small cheapies or expensive but powerful ones, either way the relics and gems you choose should be built up to suit your favourite player.

There are plenty of characters to choose from, good or evil they will work together to destroy the enemy, you will often see teams like Sauron side by side with Gandalf Fighting Legolas and The Witch King or some other confusing mix of heroes but there is no time to stand and watch because before you know it a dwarf will come sprinting from or bush or a volley of enchanted arrows might come your way, The battle never stops and blood is always being spilt in this game.

Guardians of Middle Earth 3 Review   |   Guardians of Middle Earth

It’s important to try as many different characters as you can and then work on unlocking custom load out slots for your relics, potions and commands, the first will be given to you early in the game. There is a vast selection of relics to choose from and each compliments your character in different ways, you will need to decide the best to use with their abilities. Building your character is crucial to getting a good foothold in the game. It pays to do a bit of research on the different builds for your characters it can make a huge difference which can make the most seemingly useless guardian into a one-man walking army.

I found the game most enjoyable and have spent a lot of time playing it even long after I finished this review. If you’re a fan of The Lord of the Rings or a strategy type game then this is definitely for you and would be worth buying.   [8]

Rating: 8
Platform: PS3, Xbox 360
Publisher: Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment
Developer: Monolith Productions
Genre: MOBA
Players: 1-4 (2-10 Online)
Classification: M – Violence
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