Sony teases PlayStation 4 unveil this month

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PS Future Feb 20 Sony teases PlayStation 4 unveil this month

Sony has teased the unveiling of their long-awaited new home video game console. A post on the company’s official blog invites us to “See The Future” and sign up for a newsletter so that we might “Be the first to know.”

The post also reveals the date Feb. 20 and shows an enigmatic teaser video that features stylized close ups of Sony’s familiar X, triangle, square and circle symbols.

Sony’s announcement promises to be a shot in the arm for industry, which has experienced a dip in sales recently, arguably due to a lack of new hardware.

Sony’s aging PS3 was launched back in 2005, and has sold over 77 million units, recently surpassing worldwide Xbox 360’s sales.

Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter says Sony may even look to launch the next PlayStation “in October or November” and that Microsoft would be following with their new console soon after.

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  1. eXcapiZm says:

    “familiar X, triangle, square and plus symbols” You might want to change that plus to Circle >.<

  2. La PlayStation 4 está (casi) aquí | La Isla de las Cabezas Cortadas says:

    […] informa Gamefreaks, y confirmando el rumor del que se lleva hablando ya algún tiempo: el próximo 20 de febrero Sony […]

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