Sony officially announces PlayStation 4

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playstation 4 announced 1 Sony officially announces PlayStation 4

Sony has lifted the lid on its next-generation PlayStation 4 console at an event in New York.  The publisher didn’t reveal any images of the new machine or any pricing, or release details. But they did showcase some of the PlayStation 4’s impressive new features.

PlayStation 4 has been designed around superior graphics power and new social options including the ability to share and record your own gameplay clips.

Sony described the new console as being similar to a supercharged PC. The PS4 system architecture is distinguished by its high performance and ease of development.  PS4 is centered around a powerful custom chip that contains eight x86-64 cores and a state of the art graphics processor.

playstation 4 announced 4 Sony officially announces PlayStation 4

Sony also unveiled the Dualshock 4, a revamped controller that includes a touchpad, a share button and a light bar, which allows a camera to identify players and track movement.

The PlayStation 4 features new hardware dedicated to video compression. The share button allows gamers to record a few minutes of gameplay footage and uploaded to a social network.

Another new social feature lets a friend connect to your PS4 and take control of your character, or you can invite several friends to watch live as spectators. This facility uses technology from Gaikai, a cloud-based service purchased last year by Sony.

The PlayStation 4, at this stage at least, is not backwards compatible however Sony is reportedly looking into using Gaikai technology to allow PS3 games to be played on the PS4.


Along with the hardware reveal, there were some pretty huge game announcements made — not least of all that Blizzard would be bringing their epic RPG Diablo 3 to PlayStation 4 (and the PS3).

Independent developer Jonathan Blow then unveiled the first official trailer for The Witness, which will be exclusive to PS4 for console and underscores PlayStation’s support of developers interested in pushing the boundaries of play

playstation 4 announced 5 Sony officially announces PlayStation 4

Guerrilla Games revealed their new shooter, Killzone Shadow Fall. The action looked great, very fast-paced with explosions aplenty.

Other first party developers on show included Evolution Studios and Sucker Punch, who unveiled Drive Club (a new team-based racer) and Infamous: Second Son, respectively. Quantic Dream’s David Cage also made an appearance to show off an eye-catching tech demo of an old man’s wrinkled face.

Capcom revealed a new IP called Deep Down, Square Enix hinted at a new Final Fantasy title and Ubisoft boss Yves Guillemo showed an impressive Watch Dogs demo.

playstation 4 announced 2 Sony officially announces PlayStation 4

The biggest game announcements were saved until last with Blizzard’s Diablo 3 reveal and Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg on stage to confirm Bungie’s Destiny for PS4.

“The arrival of PS4 is a critical initiative that presents an enormous opportunity to dramatically evolve the game play experience into something far grander than ever imagined,” House said, as he concluded the event.  “From enhanced social capabilities to intensified power to realizing bigger, better, and more immersive game play, to the evolution of our ecosystem to meet the requirements for a simpler, more adaptive interface, we believe PS4 proves we have more to offer than ever before.

So all in all a very impressive showing from Sony. It will be interesting to see how Microsoft responds when they unveil their next gen machine at E3.

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