Capcom’s cancelled Mega Man shooter revealed

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maverick hunter Capcom’s cancelled Mega Man shooter revealed

Several videos and screens from Capcom’s cancelled Mega Man first-person shooter have surfaced.

Codenamed “Maverick Hunter”, the game was reportedly in the works at Armature Studio, which was founded by devs that had previously worked on Metroid Prime.

According to Polygon, the game would have “stayed true to core Mega Man X gameplay concepts, re-imagining his X-Buster arm cannon, his dash and his ability to appropriate the special powers of his fallen enemies. Platforming elements, including X’s wall jump, and classic Mega Man X characters would have been re-imagined in new ways.”

The new Mega Man was to be redesigned by the concept artist responsible for adapting Iron Man’s armour for Marvel’s successful film franchise.

The first-person shooter reportedly had the blessing of Mega Man’s co-creator Keiji Inafune, but his departure likely killed the project.

According to sources inside Capcom, Maverick Hunter was prototyped and playable, but was thought to be too much of a gamble, and was canned before Inafune left Capcom in late 2010.

Take a look at the gameplay videos below, to see what might have been.

Source | Polygon

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