Deadpool achievements list is full of spoilers

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deadpool 2 Deadpool achievements list is full of spoilersThe achievements for Activision’s upcoming Deadpool game have surfaced. If you are the least bit sensitive to spoilers, I would avoid following the link below.

High Moon Studios have been pretty tight-lipped about the upcoming action title, but thanks to the Achievements list we now know the game has 100 Tacos to collect, Wolverine will get slapped a bunch of times and that Deadpool will interact with the ladies at the Shower Surprise Party room.

You can check out the list for yourself over at Xbox 360 Achievements.

The Deadpool game has been described as being similar to Rocksteady’s Batman in style, but the Deadpool character is something of a departure for developers High Moon Studios, who are best known for creating the Transformers series.

Regular Deadpool comic writer Daniel Way will tackle the script, and Nolan North, who has voiced Deadpool in the past, will reprise his role. Other Marvel characters, such as Domino, Wolverine, Cable, Death and Psylocke are set to appear in the game.

Deadpool: The Video Game is being developed by High Moon Studios and is due to be released in 2013.

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