The Last of Us Remastered review

Jul 31, 2014 No Comments by

One of the best games of 2013 gets even better in this new, spruced-up PS4 version of Naughty Dog’s masterpiece.

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Sniper Elite III review

Jul 21, 2014 Comments Off by

Kris Polglase’s itchy trigger finger gets a work out in Rebellion’s newest WWII shooter, Sniper Elite III.

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Entwined review

Jul 08, 2014 Comments Off by

Kris Polglase takes a look at the PlayStation puzzler that dazzled the crowd at Sony’s E3 press conference last month.

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Watch Dogs review

Jun 06, 2014 Comments Off by

Watch Dogs offers plenty of action by way of its hacking mechanic, and is one of the best open-world games we’ve seen, even if the narrative falls a little flat.

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Octodad Dadliest Catch review

May 10, 2014 Comments Off by

Frustrating, annoying, intensely repetitive and almost intentionally broken, Octodad definitely isn’t for everyone.

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The Sly Collection review (PS Vita)

Apr 24, 2014 Comments Off by

Though it never reached the heights in critical and commercial mass that Ratchet and Clank did, Sly is a more than worthy recall from those glory days of the PS2.

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Strike Suit Zero review

Apr 12, 2014 Comments Off by

Created with the coffee budget of a AAA title, Strike Suit Zero is a worthy throwback to the golden age of space-based flight combat games.

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Dark Souls II review

Apr 09, 2014 Comments Off by

Dark Souls II is the culmination of a hundred different brilliant ideas melded into one near perfect hardcore experience.

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