The Last of Us Remastered review

Jul 31, 2014 No Comments by

One of the best games of 2013 gets even better in this new, spruced-up PS4 version of Naughty Dog’s masterpiece.

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Sniper Elite III review

Jul 21, 2014 Comments Off by

Kris Polglase’s itchy trigger finger gets a work out in Rebellion’s newest WWII shooter, Sniper Elite III.

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Valiant Hearts: The Great War review

Jul 09, 2014 1 Comment by

Ubisoft’s brilliant new platform puzzler will likely teach you more about The Great War than any history class ever did.

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Entwined review

Jul 08, 2014 Comments Off by

Kris Polglase takes a look at the PlayStation puzzler that dazzled the crowd at Sony’s E3 press conference last month.

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Wolfenstein: The New Order review

Jun 20, 2014 Comments Off by

One of the original first-person shooters returns in surprising style set in an alternate history ruled by Nazis.

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Watch Dogs review

Jun 06, 2014 Comments Off by

Watch Dogs offers plenty of action by way of its hacking mechanic, and is one of the best open-world games we’ve seen, even if the narrative falls a little flat.

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Lego The Hobbit review

Jun 04, 2014 Comments Off by

With its unfinished storyline and meagre attempts at anything fresh the game pales in comparison to its Marvel and Lego Movie contemporaries, but remains competent enough for the young fans.

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Super Time Force review

May 21, 2014 Comments Off by

Super Time Force is everything you used to love about hard-as-nails Super Nintendo games stitched mad-scientist-style onto everything exciting about quirky modern indie platformers.

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