Bloodborne review

Apr 09, 2015 No Comments by

Horror meets survival in Bloodborne, the new macabre gaming masterpiece by From Software.

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Evolve review

Mar 25, 2015 No Comments by

Turtle Rock Studios’ team-based monster shoot-em-up never stops giving. It evolves the more you invest in it, and you do the same.

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ScreamRide review

Mar 24, 2015 1 Comment by

ScreamRide’s mechanics are solid. All the ingredients for an exciting video game are there, but nothing is backing them up, so they mostly fall flat.

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Helldivers review

Mar 19, 2015 No Comments by

Earth’s elite soldiers take the battle to hostile alien worlds in Sony’s new co-operatively addictive squad shooter.

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The Order: 1886 review

Feb 25, 2015 Comments Off by

The Order 1886 is an incredible looking game, with deep narrative, action-based gameplay, Arthurian legend, all set in Steampunk Victorian London.

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Far Cry 4 review

Dec 22, 2014 Comments Off by

With its beautiful, war-torn open world, Far Cry 4 is a fantastic game, particularly if you’re new to the series.

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Grand Theft Auto V (PS4) review

Dec 20, 2014 Comments Off by

Grand Theft Auto V makes its impressive return on current-gen consoles. Is it worth your money a second time?

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Assassin’s Creed Rogue review

Dec 09, 2014 Comments Off by

Ubisoft’s other Assassin’s Creed game of 2014 is more of an expansion to last year’s Black Flag than a fully-fledged release.

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