E3 2015: Press Conference Wrap Ups

Jun 17, 2015 No Comments by

Now that E3’s pre-shows have wrapped we take a look at some of this year’s press conference standouts.

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First look: Project CARS

May 09, 2015 No Comments by

Challenging but satisfying, Project CARS has the potential to become a real force in the racing genre.

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Killing Floor 2 Hands-On Impressions

Apr 16, 2015 No Comments by

Chanh Tang goes hands on with Tripwire Interactive’s blood-soaked sequel Killing Floor 2 via Steam’s Early Access.

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Final Fantasy XV preview

Mar 30, 2015 No Comments by

Gamefreaks goes hands-on with Final Fantasy XV – is this the game that fans have been waiting for?

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‘Bloodborne’ Hands-On Impressions

Mar 17, 2015 No Comments by

Our first hands-on with FromSoftware’s horror-filled gothic action title Bloodborne does not disappoint.

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First impressions: Darkest Dungeon

Feb 13, 2015 No Comments by

Gamefreaks takes a look at gothic, roguelike turn-based RPG Darkest Dungeon available now in early access.

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Driveclub interview with Simon Barlow

Oct 13, 2014 No Comments by

Gamefreaks sat down with Simon Barlow, Design Director at Evolution Studies and Lead Developer of Driveclub.

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Destiny interview with Jason Sussman

Oct 08, 2014 No Comments by

Last week Gamefreaks’ Stan McGuigan sat down with Bungie’s senior environment artist Jason Sussman to talk all things Destiny.

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