Gaming: What needs to be done?

Gaming: What needs to be done?

For decades, gaming has burnt the accusations of being the cause of many youngsters losing their way. But in reality, the cause for them wandering off the right path is not just down to the game but due to some other underlying reason. Games do influence children a lot, and people need to adhere to the game rating system. The system may not be perfect, but the system does tell parents about the potential use of weapons and gore within the game. We are not going to say that gaming needs to be ruled as a cause of violence among young adults; our argument is that the minute something wrong happens, gaming shouldn’t be made the scapegoat.

There are a number of people who will tell you about the rudeness of gaming communities online. People do take these games seriously, and some do invest a lot of time gaming instead of focusing on academics. But let’s assess that statement; would the outcry be so much if the kid instead of gaming, participated in the wrestling team? Let’s look at the facts; wrestling equips your kid with a means to fight, and the kid could become consumed with working out and wrestling better. This can lead to their grades dropping and them growing violent, but the question is whether the hue and cry is the same; in most cases, it isn’t.

But these days more and more parents are becoming okay with their kids gaming a lot or wishing to spend their time in the virtual world instead of in the real world. Is that just down to the evolution of the mind or is it down to the fact that we are more receptive to technology. When gaming used to be cited as the sole cause of all mistakes has gone because parents are exposed a lot more technology, and some of them have even found a hobby in gaming online. But still, there are a lot of people belonging to the previous generations in critical administrative roles who are trying to ban particular games because it causes young adults to become violent. The only issue with that statement is that there is no definitive study that has proved that such correlation is true across different populations.

We as gamers are open to better game rating systems instead of full-scale bans as this gives the user a definitive understanding of the game he or she is buying. It also helps parents with young children to not buy games that are beyond the age range. We are not generalizing, but gamers, in general, are rebellious in some form or another and being dictated by adults who have are anti-technology is a volatile mix that can quickly become an ugly scene.

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