Online gaming, is it beneficial to the children?

Online gaming is a trend today among children and even young adults. It is made possible because of the introduction of internet, which make it possible for an individual to connect to another person in a remote place.  It empowers people to interact with someone, unknown to them.  That is the reason why many children are addicted to it.

This advancement of technology brings many good effects to us, but, in another side, it also brings a dangerous effect on our children.  Some negative effects of online gaming are:

  • This kind of gaming is attracting more of our children and eating more of their time. You can now see your child in the computer for long a period of time, without rest.  They may only leave the computer to eat.  It is really damaging physically, considering what it can do to their eye.
  • Because online gaming will require your child to stay in the computer, they are deprived of the need to socialize.  Children need to interact with other children or other individuals.  This is their way of learning to blend with the environment and being able to learn the basics of survival.
  • Child safety and security. With this online gaming, child safety is compromised. While playing the game, you don’t know who he is playing with.  Some criminals will take advantage of this and might befriend your child.  Some may ask questions for some reasons at all.

In many cases, children who have no access to a computer will be force to stay in the internet café for long hours.  Sometimes, they don’t have the permission of their parents.  That makes them vulnerable to any child abuse.

Here are some types of online games:

  1. Board games. Examples of these games are the monopoly and millionaires games.
  2. Massive multi-player online games – one of the most popular online games now. It includes “matrix online”, “World of Warcraft” and many more.
  3. First person shooters. This kind of games can be played in a game console or in a computer.
  4. Arcade games. Arcade games are those like Pacman or Super Mario.
  5. Action and adventure games. This game may consist of more action and are strong in story line.  They are also rich in animation.
  6. Card games. This includes poker and other card games.
  7. Strategy games. This will require the gamer to make their own way to solve a problem.
  8. Sport games. This is for the sports lover.  They can choose who to play with, other players or the computer itself.
  9. Shooting games. Are more on action, they bring excitement to the players.
  10. This kind of game brings fun, strategy and action to the gamer.

Online gaming is not bad at all, if you have the control towards your child.  As a parent, you cannot totally ban them on playing online games, but, you can put some rules to be followed.  You must be firm on your decision making.  Guide you child in their online gaming.