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iPad Screen Repair- Don’t chuck it off, repair it

Your child comes up to you with a shattered touch screen on their iPad. It can be enough to get you out of your comfort zone. The mere idea of purchasing another iPad can send any persons temperature through the roof. Instead of being shocked, it is better to have a plan in place. A repair is a great alternative because it is less costly and it will eventually return the iPad back to its original position.

 There are several do-it-yourself iPad repair tutorials. In fact a simple self help tutorial can help you fix the broken iPad screen on your own. These tutorials are a pool of various people’s experiences of carrying out the repair.

 The parts which are required to replace the touch screen glass are easily available for a modest price. You can find them at several sites and elsewhere. However, you should keep in mind that the metal back of the case is the most expensive part mainly because it has scored the Apple logo engraved upon it.

IPad screen repair can be a tricky repair job

The only catch with a DIY is that it can be quite tricky. The iPad is a sealed unit and the screen is bonded with an adhesive during manufacturing. You can only remove the screen by melting the adhesive using an industry strength hot air blower or a similar lever. You also need to be careful that you shouldn’t damage the delicate components that are located directly under it.

It can be assumed that it will be at least a three hour job for someone who is an inexperienced amateur.  It requires a big time commitment. However, if you think that you are up to the challenge you can repair the tablet on your own after hours of selfless labor.

 Disaster can strike if you do not have the proper tools. The best way to resolve the issue is to turn to someone who has got the right tools and loads of experience to complete the job. For that you need to find an iPad repair specialist.

A quick search can yield up a short list of repairs in Australia and you can select from any of these professional IPad screen repair experts.

DIY versus IPad screen repair experts

 If you happen to attempt repairing the screen on your own, you could end up with a disaster. On the other hand, if you send it to a professional, you can assume that the new screen will work as good as new. Your children will be delighted and it is not going to cost you a great deal for replacing the screen. However, if you think that you have got the right kind of parts and tools you may want to attempt the repair on your own by following any of the tutorials you find on the Internet.

Just make sure that you do not junk off the iPad because it cracked or the touch screen has shattered. Professional iPad screen repair technicians can handle the job and make it look as good as new.

The glass screen is not the most expensive part and if you plan to remove it on your own it can provide you an opportunity to replace the other parts that are faulty as well. Although you can replace the screen yourself it is a time-consuming task and risks further damage. In that case, there are plenty of technicians Whowill do the job for you at a reasonable price.

Instead of throwing away the shattered iPad, explore iPad screen repair solutions. You can have your unit repaired by an expert so that you can reuse it to ensure efficient ways of conserving resources.

Traits of Excellent Lawyers in Melbourne

Lawyers are individuals that practice law depending on the field that the person has specialised. There are many different types of lawyers concerned with maintaining law and order in different fields. Lawyers in Melbourne professionally conduct their jobs and have sufficient knowledge of the existing laws. It depends on the type of lawyer that the client needs; for instance, employment lawyers are concerned with maintaining law in the employment sector. They help employers, employees, and other stakeholders to understand their rights and freedom.

Lawyers usually undergo similar training and education, but each lawyer will handle their job differently and uniquely to ensure that they always win in favour of their clients. As a result, some lawyers are considered to be better than others of the same type based on the traits they possess. Some of these traits are as discussed below:

Excellent communication skills

Lawyers are individuals who communicate regularly with their clients, other parties, courts, and other relevant stakeholders. Therefore, they need to have excellent communication aptitudes. They should also change their communication from formal to informal, depending on the conversation setting.

Sufficient knowledge in the field of law

A lawyer must have sufficient knowledge in their field of law and the entire field of law. Knowledge gives a lawyer the power to reason and come up with the best techniques to help win cases for their clients.

They should be passionate about their job

Law is a diverse field that requires many years of training and studying to become a professional. Therefore, A lawyer should have the passion and find the field interesting to help them succeed in the field. Passion helps a lawyer to love what they do, resulting in maximum retention of knowledge.

Attention to details

Clients tend to approach lawyers Melbourne with different kinds of cases. Depending on the case’s nature, the lawyers must always pay attention to the case’s details and understand what they are dealing with before starting to put in place solutions.

They should have excellent judgment skills

A lawyer must decide whether a given case is worth pursuing or if negotiation will be the better option. This will require them to have sufficient knowledge with many years of experience.

They should be creative

An excellent lawyer must be creative and develop unique problem-solving skills that can help win the case. They should have quick decision-making skills that are rational.

They should have excellent negotiation skills

A lawyer is often engaged in negotiating with the other party on behalf of the client. Hence, they need to be good at arriving at a fair conclusion that will favour both parties. Most people prefer to settle their differences outside the legal houses because it is cheaper and time-saving.

They should be diverse

As mentioned, the law is a diverse field that requires a lawyer to be flexible and capable of adapting to changes and trending. A lawyer should show a great desire to find out the latest information concerning law. Keeping up with the latest trends ensures that the lawyer has the best alternatives for approaching a particular case.

These factors will help you get the best lawyer who can help your business make some steps ahead of others who are yet to hire a lawyer. Apart from the qualities of the lawyer, there are several factors that you must also consider before choosing a lawyer.


So what is SEO? Search Engine Optimisation refers to the major influencers of a website’s traffic today. SEO can either be on-page where one uses every possible means within the website to boost rankings or off-page where factors outside the website can be used to influence how one ranks on different search engines. Other than the recognised SEO hacks, some companies in the quest to find quick traffic end up using illegal means which can culminate to a number of repercussions both for your business and website. SEO has various tools and strategies one can use to augment their rankings online, but without enough skills, hiring may be your next option. Small companies may shy away from hiring in order to save a few dollars; however, there are numerous merits to working with experts.

How small upstarts can benefit from SEO


Initially, successful and well-established companies were the only one seeking SEO help. Small businesses considered this way too expensive for them, but no more now that SEO has become manageable. Whether you are doing your own SEO or hiring an expert to do it for you, here are some merits you stand to gain.

Improved conversion rate

SEO should help you figure out how to get on top of SERPs and stay there. With good rankings, your target audience will always find you, and that improves both your traffic and conversion rate. Once you put your clients at the driving seat of your SEO vehicle, sales will always drive higher.


Once you start having improved traffic, there will be no need for you to advertise anymore. Pay per Click and other advertising avenues might cost you a lot but not when you are already where all the traffic is. Save a few dollars by investing in the right SEO strategies to help you today.

Develops brand awareness/ exposure

Invest in creating exposure for your brand today. Do not just relax at marketing your products, through proper SEO hacks; you can create the perfect branding for your products. Internet users are able to see you more often when you maintain the top spot of SERPs, and that serves your brand perfectly both in terms of exposure and sales.

Tips on how to hire the best SEO firm


It is never easy to choose one company out of the very many that exist today. Some of these businesses can be trusted while others may belong to frauds who know nothing of SEO. It is your choice to carefully navigate the market during your search and use the following tips to help you find the best firm for the job.

Any performance guarantees?

This is a determinant whether a company is experienced or not. Guarantees on results are only given by experienced companies that are sure of their ways, whereas newbies in the game can never take such risks. Go for a company that gives you certain guarantees on how the results will showcase after the first few weeks of the SEO campaign.

Assess their SEO tricks

Find out what they have up their sleeves during the interviews. An ideal SEO firm is that which has specialised in multiple SEO techniques that can be combined to give better results. Ask them to show you the action plan where you can decide whether or not proceed with the hiring.

Budget demands

You should also never go for what you cannot afford. Take your time to know how various firms charge for their services before choosing your ideal firm for hire.

How to Market During Covid-19

Every brand is responsible for taking action to protect their employees and business during a crisis like Covid-19. It’s imperative that brands must consider a marketing strategy which is mindful and empathic.

It is during this time that marketing is about to face a major challenge. The dynamics have shifted completely. Things need to be handled with tact and insight. Businesses need to adjust the way they would communicate with their clients.

The following are a few general guidelines which can help business owners know how to market during Covid-19.


Doing empathic marketing during Covid-19

So what should be your marketing approach during a crisis like Covid-19? Here are some tips on how to market your business during COVID-19:

  • There is a need to make adjustments in your marketing campaign. If there is a project in the pipe line, it needs to be evaluated on an immediate basis. Should it be given a go ahead or paused entirely? Businesses need to understand whether the content they were about to market is appropriate for the current situation. In case the project does need to be stopped for the time being it can always be released at a later date, when things take a more favorable turn.
  • There are certain things which need to be prioritized. An example being a campaign which would be centered towards getting closer to a customer could be changed into supporting your customers and so on.
  • Be proactive. Look at how other businesses re handling their customers during a time like this. For example you could start with online deliveries so that customers can shop from the safety and comfort of their home. You can show them how your business is taking measures to reduce the spread of the virus. What steps are being taken to ensure cleanliness and so on? This is a good way of getting the trust of your clients.
  • Make changes in the language and the visual imagery. Make sure that there are no visuals of individuals touching. Instead focus on reframing the language of the advertisement. Avoid using messages which talk about interaction. These can cast a wrong impression. Instead choose language which allows customers to practice social distancing. You can use sentences like stay safe and shop from the comfort of your home.
  • It should be kept in mind that the quarantine period is temporary and things would get back to normal at some point in the future. While thing are uncertain at the moment campaigns need to reassure client that they are with them through this crisis. Motivational lines can create a good impact and help boost the morale of the community as a whole.
  • Make sure your clients know about the store closure or any policy updates which you have made in the business strategy. Focus on news centric content. However this needs to be done responsibly as well. Make sure you get guidance from the right marketing analyst to help you find the right strategy during this crisis.
  • It’s a time in which one needs to be positive but one shouldn’t be ignorant either. While it’s a grim scenario out there you don’t have to sound too grim. Instead focus on helping give people hope and trying to boost their morale. For example you can tactfully say that a small part of the profit would go towards helping people in need. This allows your business to practice mindful marketing in a time of crisis.

How can a lawyer help a business start up

Are you about to commence a new start up? Launching a new business can be stressful. There are so many things which need to be taken into consideration. Anyone who want to make sure their business gets off on a successful start need to hire lawyers in Gold Coast. A lawyer can actually help a startup get off in the right direction. This can help avoid unforeseen problems as well.

Gold Coast is a hub of startups. Despite that being a good thing, it can also become difficult for businesses to prove their mettle. A business lawyer can help by providing the right kind of legal support. As a business owner you have got to make sure that you have secured initial funding. You also need to make sure that you have all the necessary legal documents at hand.

The following are a few reasons how you can benefit from hiring business lawyers in Gold Coast:

  • Taking help from a lawyer can surely make things easier. If you are a first time business owner, having a lawyer to help you can help keep things stress free. They would help you understand different legal issues. Hiring a lawyer can help you avoid getting embroiled in legal violations. Plus they also allow you to make a sale easily.
  • Business owners also require a lawyer when devising a new business contract. All the legal jargon can make anyone’s head spin. However, a lawyer can keep ting simple and help you understand the terms so you know that you are making the right business decision. It is easy to become over whelmed when you see legal document. Often enough people don’t even go through those and later on go through a series of legal troubles. On the other hand hiring a business lawyer in Gold Coast can be quite helpful.
  • Lawyers can negotiate and review binding contracts. They would make sure that all the clauses in the agreement are in your interest. Whether it’s a lease partnership or exchange of information between two parties, all of this can be handled easily by a business lawyer.
  • When you hire a lawyer you can secure the best deal for your business. They work in your interest and devise a contract which would give you better returns.

Though it’s not every time that you would require the services of business lawyers in old Coast, but having someone to get advice from is essential. Most business owners assume that they can easily handle business issues on their own. It’s all good until there is another party involved in a business. Partnership ventures can be risky. There is a chance that you may be cheated of what your fair share in the business. Plus any contract that you enter into is binding so it’s better to choose lawyer for handling any sort of contract.

For more information on the best business lawyer in Gold Coast, make sure you contact Stone Group Lawyers Gold Coast.

SEO Auckland: Importance of SEO for marketing

Everyone in the business knows that search engine optimization or SEO is a crucial marketing tool. Despite the fact that you may have heard about it a great deal but in order to understand completely what it is, the following information can be of great help.

SEO is multifaceted. It is just not limited to one single genre. However, the basic aim of SEO is to ensure the high visibility of your website. This can happen when more traffic is directed towards your website. In turn it would help turn more visitors into potential clients and would be great for your business. The right SEO specialist can ensure that your website always ranks well in the search engine.

On the other hand there are many other uses to it as well. These would include helping create an awareness for your brand.  Help build relationships with potential clients and help position the business which is considered trustworthy in its field.

He following are some of the important elements of SEO:

  • While keywords are still considered an important aspect of SEO, it now entails a great deal more. However there has been a major shift in the ways the keywords are coined. Back in the days when keywords were just added to the text without further ado, things have come pretty far. These days key words should be researched carefully. These should be added to the content with great skill. These are the lines and words which actually help a client find a product over the internet. This is why it’s essential to find keywords which have a high search rate. Only the right SEO in Auckland would be able to help you with that.
  • When it comes to advertising you may have heard that content is king. It can help a business reach out and communicate with potential clients and customers. For example someone who owns a nursery would benefit by running a blog about child care and development. This would help people looking for information on child care reach your website and know more about your business. The content just doesn’t need to be educational or informative but it should be interesting as well.
  • Off page SEO techniques. These would include things like creating backlinks. A backlink is a link which helps a user trace your website. It is usually placed on external websites. This can help build authority for your website. Building backlinks requires many tactics. These would include guest blogging, creating infographics and mentioning well known influencers in the content.
  • Local SEO. Since people use mobile devices for their services, it’s always important that attention should be paid to local SEO as well. For those who own eateries, the local SEO would help ensure that people find your restaurant or deli when they are looking for the best restaurants in town.
  • Search engine marketing is a part of SEO as well. As the name suggest it can help create an advertisement for your business.

For more information on SEO in Auckland, make sure you contact SEO Auckland by nzseo.co.nz.

5 Indications You are Not Hitting Your Target Market

If you are running a business, one of the most crucial things is knowing who your target market is. Your audience is defined as the people who are willing to purchase what you are trying to sell, or the people who would be inclined to do so. If you are not hitting the right audience, chances are you are earning the optimal profits there are to reap. Here are 5 reasons why you may not be hitting the right target market

Only Organic Traffic

As a rule of thumb, seo central coast is crucial to any brand’s success. Organic traffic is derived from non-paid advertisements through advertising your social media presence with posts and other engaging content. Paid advertisements allow you to target specific audience that may be interested in buying your services or products. If you are hitting everyone as a shot in the dark, then you are wasting a good load of money. Use paid advertisements to reach out to specific people and make your targeting more successful and meaningful.

Demographic Dissection

The demographics of your customers play a huge role in understanding where your audience is coming from and what they have in common. If you are not using the demographic dissection to siphon out the regions or people that can be your potential customers, then you definitely aren’t hitting your right target market. In this age, data is powerful and accessible, using it right can uplift your company and help you reach greater heights.

Blogs and More

Many companies use bloggers and vloggers to share their products and services in order to get people attracted to your services and products. If you are not sifting through available bloggers to sort out those that are working in your relevant niche, then you are definitely not reaching out to the right target market. It is crucial to select the right niche that stands comparable or relevant to the domain of your business or product.

Too Many Ideas

As an owner of your business, you should be able to set a direction for your business’ way forward. Using the direction, the advertisement and marketing agencies can identify and bring up ideas for you to consider. If you are unable to isolate the ideas that stand out and pick any in random, that will damage your chances of fully being able to target the right market. Give it time and walk-through the ideas. Pick the ones that work for you in the long-run and stays in sync with your domain.

Selling vs Solving

If the focus of your advertisement strategy is to sell your product instead of solving a problem, you will find it hard to reach the right audience. Your decisions will be focused on getting the product across instead of the idea it was built upon, letting the audience understand why they really need it. Focus on creating a product or service that solves a problem, and therefore, get the attention of the right audience.

The Types of Games: A Brief

The gaming industry has boomed over the last few years. And we are sure you must have heard about survival games such as PUBG and Fortnite which was developed with Edge. But those two games are only the tip of a massive iceberg that would require years to scale fully. We are a bunch of avid gamers who have been playing games since the dawn of computer and console gaming. Read this article further to understand the popular types of gaming and to know whether a genre applies to you.

1. MMO

Unless you have lived under a rock for a long time, you should have heard about the much fabled massive multiplayer online games. MMO games help you sit in the comfort of your home and play against players from across the globe. These games tend to be a great bonding experience for gamers as it involves a lot of team-work to reach an objective. There is a sudden surge in popularity of individualistic survival based games but this one category of gaming that has reinvented itself and continues to reinvent itself all the time.

2. Real-time

Real-time gaming is a broad category that is usually referred to as simulation. You as a player have the power to determine and make choices that will determine the outcome. If you fancy yourself playing as Wayne Rooney or take the reign over Manchester City as their manager, then the much popular FIFA could be what you’re looking for. Real-time is not just about sports games; the popular game SIMS is the best representation of a real-time simulation game. Simulation games are also a popular tool in the military as personnel are trained using game simulators to replicate real-world scenarios.

3. RPG

Role-playing games are always popular because it helps you be whoever you want in the virtual world of the game. Good RPG games have great storylines that let you explore the whole virtual world and also has a ton of side quests to keep you hooked. Second life is the best representation of RPG that has an endless open world for you to explore and enjoy.

As we said, it is impossible to restrict the genres of gaming into just one list, and we are going to stop here because each of the categories that we mentioned has games that are in most cases never standalone categories. FIFA, for example, is both a real-time game and sports game while second life is both RPG and MMO. And most fabled RPG games also have characteristics of puzzle and adventure.

Gaming: What needs to be done?

For decades, gaming has burnt the accusations of being the cause of many youngsters losing their way. But in reality, the cause for them wandering off the right path is not just down to the game but due to some other underlying reason. Games do influence children a lot, and people need to adhere to the game rating system. The system may not be perfect, but the system does tell parents about the potential use of weapons and gore within the game. We are not going to say that gaming needs to be ruled as a cause of violence among young adults; our argument is that the minute something wrong happens, gaming shouldn’t be made the scapegoat.

There are a number of people who will tell you about the rudeness of gaming communities online. People do take these games seriously, and some do invest a lot of time gaming instead of focusing on academics. But let’s assess that statement; would the outcry be so much if the kid instead of gaming, participated in the wrestling team? Let’s look at the facts; wrestling equips your kid with a means to fight, and the kid could become consumed with working out and wrestling better. This can lead to their grades dropping and them growing violent, but the question is whether the hue and cry is the same; in most cases, it isn’t.

But these days more and more parents are becoming okay with their kids gaming a lot or wishing to spend their time in the virtual world instead of in the real world. Is that just down to the evolution of the mind or is it down to the fact that we are more receptive to technology. When gaming used to be cited as the sole cause of all mistakes has gone because parents are exposed a lot more technology, and some of them have even found a hobby in gaming online. But still, there are a lot of people belonging to the previous generations in critical administrative roles who are trying to ban particular games because it causes young adults to become violent. The only issue with that statement is that there is no definitive study that has proved that such correlation is true across different populations.

We as gamers are open to better game rating systems instead of full-scale bans as this gives the user a definitive understanding of the game he or she is buying. It also helps parents with young children to not buy games that are beyond the age range. We are not generalizing, but gamers, in general, are rebellious in some form or another and being dictated by adults who have are anti-technology is a volatile mix that can quickly become an ugly scene.

Review | Mario Kart 7

The arrival of Mario Kart on the Nintendo 3DS has both the ring of initiation and frustration to it. On the one hand, having yet another core franchise on the console is a further step towards legitimizing a device often dismissed as a gimmick. On the other, it still suffers from that uniquely Nintendo problem of being hamstrung by past success.

From the outset, you should have a pretty good idea of whether you’re going to enjoy this game or not. If the previous, more or less identical, iterations floated your boat then part seven won’t pull anything funny to put you off. If for some unfathomable reason, you expected this to be the title to finally strike out boldly and break the mold then you were always gearing up for disappointment.

As has become the tradition, Mario Kart 7 borrows elements judiciously from previous titles then tosses in a handful of new features in the hope it will be enough to justify a whole new purchase. In truth, almost every Mario Kart title has failed to make those new elements – usually new characters, items, and tracks – particularly substantial, but the unchanging fundamentals of the game are solid enough that we can politely pretend not to notice. In this, Mario Kart 7 is no different.

The first point of difference is the ability to pimp your ride, in a moderate fashion. This is a place the series has slowly been meandering towards for some time but don’t go in expecting the full-on body shop tinkering that has become de rigueur in more serious racing games. Racers select a body, tire and parachute combination to produce a cart with its own subtle mechanical quirks and a shallow level or cosmetic individuality.

On the track, you will notice the difference in acceleration, speed, and handling as compared to your opponents but, as is the Mario Kart way, knowing the gameplay basics will easily compensate for any statistical variance. And those basics will be immediately familiar to anyone who has even sampled the series before, with various traits imported from the past. The duration-sensitive power slides of Mario Kart DS combine with the speed-boosting coins of Super Mario Kart and trick jumping system of Mario Kart Wii for an experience that can be called neither original or lacking.

The games biggest claim to freshness comes in taking the tire off the tarmac and launching racers into the air and under the seas. Racing off large enough jumps causes the cart’s hang glider or parachute to deploy, giving you limited control over a quick descent back to track. Similarly, you can plunge your vehicle right under water for sluggish alternative routes. Both ideas add exciting new visual elements to the races but fail to alter strategy even slightly; there’s no midair mastery or submarine supremacy to be achieved, just the same workhorse racing as ever.

Where the new twists do shine is in making a case for the handheld’s much-maligned 3D abilities. Even when a 3DS game has managed to incorporate 3D visuals well (which has been rare) most games still tend to be a more satisfying and comfortable play with the slider down at 2D. With Mario Kart 7, however, that sense of depth manages to enhance on both an aesthetic and gameplay level to the point it almost seems essential. The ability to see upcoming items and traps in 3D affords a more exact perspective, allowing for pinpoint slalom action that would never feel safe in 2D. And with the dramatic ups and downs of the flying and diving elements, the glasses-free depth adds an exhilarating sense of vertigo that no amount of flat animation could replicate.

Even without 3D the game still looks classy as hell, the track design is some of the most intricate to date, character animations have been upped beyond casual head tilts and the whole thing runs at a flawless 60fps. Chuck in some comprehensive multiplayer angles (including restricted download play functions) and the production is difficult to fault.

If you can live with the fact that much of what you’re getting you’ve probably already paid for at least once before then Mario Kart 7 is a given for fans of the series. Beyond the recycled gameplay, there’s a sense of spectacle the series has never had before backed by the solid production values expected from a Nintendo tent pole.


Review | Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7

The Travellers Tales Lego Video Game series of games have certainly not been around as long as the Harry Potter books and movies but have entertained and beguiled many gamers worldwide nonetheless. The franchise has covered some of the most popular children’s action hero stories from Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Batman, Pirates of the Caribbean and of course Harry Potter. Last year TT released Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 which covered the first four books/movies whilst this game encompasses the final four movies.

It’s no secret that the gameplay could be described as ‘samey’. They all have the same general feel and work in a very similar manner with an emphasis on collecting and exploring. In the HP Lego games, you will be able to cast spells, use potions, unlock characters and items as you progress which in turn can be used later use during ‘freeplay’ (replaying levels with different characters and skills). The potion making aspect is interesting in which players can inadvertently trigger unwanted side effects such as being turned into a frog if mixed incorrectly.

Of course, one thing you can rely on on relation to any of TT’s Lego games is that they all offer solid gameplay, excellent graphics, value for money and a generous portion of humor. It’s the hilarious antics during the cut-scenes that I really enjoy and you won’t be left short with this one. Although the games tend to be aimed at the younger audience there’s certainly plenty on offer for us older ‘kids’ entertainment wise. Of all the Lego Video games, the original Star Wars title will remain a favorite for me, but this one certainly ranks as one of the best. If you start getting lost in regards to level objectives ‘ghost’ bricks will lead you on your merry way as well as the big shiny arrows. Some of the building/demolishing objectives can at times be a little vague so the younger ones may need a hand now and then

TT has however made a few tweaks to this game. The first was opening the world a little more for exploration, in fact much more so than any other of the previous titles. I was surprised when I arrived at Hogwarts and spent considerable time searching and collecting items without continuing the story to the next stage. You can also fire your wand in the general direction of your intended target and for the most part hit, whereas previous games were less forgiving. Lastly, TT has tweaked the graphics, lighting, flow and overall look of the environments. The game also incorporates a two player split screen option as was seen in Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues, this means that there will be less frustration in a movement where one player might be dragging their feet.

With the generous amount of quality games recently released the wallet may be feeling a little light but if you were looking for a game that will please the younger ones for Xmas then this is certainly not a bad choice; especially if they are Harry Potter and/or Lego gaming fans.