Some of the Top Online Games Available in the Market

Online gaming is one of the top activities of most children in the world today.  Because of its fast popularity, it brought both good and bad impression among people, parents in particular.  Its success in bringing profits to the software development companies, more games are coming out in the market, offering more advance features and functionality.

Below, we will try to get a glimpse of some of the top online games, available in the market.

  1. Rainbow Six Siege, developed by obisoft Montreal and was released 2015.
  2. Over watch was developed by blizzard and was released last 2016.
  3. Fortnite Battle Royale is developed by PUBG Corp and was released 2017.
  4. Player Unknowns battleground is developed by PUBG Corp and was released 2017.
  5. Rocket league is developed by psyonex and was released 2015.
  6. Heartstone is released in 2014, by blizzard.
  7. League of Legends was developed by riot games and was release 2009
  8. Battlefield 1 is developed by DICE and was released 2016
  9. Doom developed by and was released 2016.
  10. Warhammer: vermintide 2 is developed by fatshark and was released 2018.

Are online games expensive?

Yes online games are quite expensive, because it will require you to stay online for hours.  During the duration of the games, they will sometimes require you to purchase powers.  To add to these, you also need to pay the computer rental.

Is online game safe for children to use?

While online games bring joy to children, in the long run, it is more of a disadvantage to the children.


  1. It will cause damage in the brain of the addicted users. It will allow them to stay in the computer for hours, which will also damage her/his vision.
  2. It will change the social attitude of the addicted user. The affected person will tend to stay away from crowd, because they cannot interact with the people around them. They are used to doing things alone. They developed their own mindset, which is more adept to the games.
  3. It will affect the study habits of the addicted individual and most probably, the studies.
  4. It keeps children away from their own family and they want to stay alone in the room, most of the time playing.

Those are just some of the effects of online games to the children.  It is now among the leading cause of misunderstanding, between parents and children.  It is also the reason, why there are many students, who cut schools and drop out from the school, to stay in internet cafes.

To solve this problem and help bring back the real relationship of children and parents, there should be a more strict policy, in dealing with online games.  Government should work hard, to implement all the restrictions and the punishment, to make sure that laws are being followed.

Use of internet cafes should be regulated and violators should be punished.  This will bring awareness to the public, that the government is true to its will, of helping families to stay intact and achieved a healthy and harmonious relationship.