Some information on keeping safe, while gaming online.

After the introduction of online games, it was totally embraced by many children around the world.  It was first accepted by the parents with so much pride.  Until the later years, when parents observed the changes in the attitude and habits of their children, that they become worried.  Seeing your children addicted in the internet and playing games with stranger is worrying.

Here are some ways to safeguard your child, while playing online games.

  1. Protect your device from viruses and malware by installing up-to-date anti-virus software. This will help minimize or totally eliminate the risk of virus infection.
  2. Be open to your children about the risk an online game will bring to your computer and to them. Teach them how to assess and evaluate a situation and not to share any vital information to strangers.  Tell them not to divulge their real identity online and most importantly, to tell you right away, if there are some bullying or other incident, that may occur.
  3. Join with them in the games. Know the methods of playing and how it works.  This way, they will be encouraged to play with you, instead of playing with strangers.
  4. Suitability should be checked, to make sure that there are no other contents in those games.
  5. Read and understand the terms. It will keep you aware, on how the publisher reacts to the negative criticism of the game.
  6. Limit the time your kids can play online. Set aside time for them to play outside.

While video games are good for passing the time, it has brought more negative effect to millions of children in the world.

What is left to be done, to reverse the situation?

  1. Governments are investing money to find ways to stop the addiction of children to online gaming. They must put awareness in the negative effect of this craze.  They must imposed strict rules in the internet café industry, as most of the businesses in targeting children and students. Check most of the internet cafes in the neighborhood and you can see that they are filled up with children as young as 5 years old.
  2. As parent, we also must set our own house rules. We must limit our children’s involvement in online games. We must strict in implementing our rules and avoid compromising with our kids. They will try to object your rules, but, parents must stand to it.

Give your child to play 1 to 2 hrs a day and beyond that should be a no. Give time to interact with your children, to keep them away from gaming and turn themselves to interacting with you and other people.

It is also a bad habit for parents to let their small kids play with their gadgets. They are doing this to keep their kids busy and giving time for themselves.  But, not knowing it, it is the beginning of the child’s craving for gadgets.  You see, everything starts from us. Take time to accompany your kids in playing outside and do some activities.