The Types of Games: A Brief

The Types of Games: A Brief

The gaming industry has boomed over the last few years. And we are sure you must have heard about survival games such as PUBG and Fortnite which was developed with Edge. But those two games are only the tip of a massive iceberg that would require years to scale fully. We are a bunch of avid gamers who have been playing games since the dawn of computer and console gaming. Read this article further to understand the popular types of gaming and to know whether a genre applies to you.

1. MMO

Unless you have lived under a rock for a long time, you should have heard about the much fabled massive multiplayer online games. MMO games help you sit in the comfort of your home and play against players from across the globe. These games tend to be a great bonding experience for gamers as it involves a lot of team-work to reach an objective. There is a sudden surge in popularity of individualistic survival based games but this one category of gaming that has reinvented itself and continues to reinvent itself all the time.

2. Real-time

Real-time gaming is a broad category that is usually referred to as simulation. You as a player have the power to determine and make choices that will determine the outcome. If you fancy yourself playing as Wayne Rooney or take the reign over Manchester City as their manager, then the much popular FIFA could be what you’re looking for. Real-time is not just about sports games; the popular game SIMS is the best representation of a real-time simulation game. Simulation games are also a popular tool in the military as personnel are trained using game simulators to replicate real-world scenarios.

3. RPG

Role-playing games are always popular because it helps you be whoever you want in the virtual world of the game. Good RPG games have great storylines that let you explore the whole virtual world and also has a ton of side quests to keep you hooked. Second life is the best representation of RPG that has an endless open world for you to explore and enjoy.

As we said, it is impossible to restrict the genres of gaming into just one list, and we are going to stop here because each of the categories that we mentioned has games that are in most cases never standalone categories. FIFA, for example, is both a real-time game and sports game while second life is both RPG and MMO. And most fabled RPG games also have characteristics of puzzle and adventure.

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