How to Market During Covid-19

How to Market During Covid-19

Every brand is responsible for taking action to protect their employees and business during a crisis like Covid-19. It’s imperative that brands must consider a marketing strategy which is mindful and empathic.

It is during this time that marketing is about to face a major challenge. The dynamics have shifted completely. Things need to be handled with tact and insight. Businesses need to adjust the way they would communicate with their clients.

The following are a few general guidelines which can help business owners know how to market during Covid-19.


Doing empathic marketing during Covid-19

So what should be your marketing approach during a crisis like Covid-19? Here are some tips on how to market your business during COVID-19:

  • There is a need to make adjustments in your marketing campaign. If there is a project in the pipe line, it needs to be evaluated on an immediate basis. Should it be given a go ahead or paused entirely? Businesses need to understand whether the content they were about to market is appropriate for the current situation. In case the project does need to be stopped for the time being it can always be released at a later date, when things take a more favorable turn.
  • There are certain things which need to be prioritized. An example being a campaign which would be centered towards getting closer to a customer could be changed into supporting your customers and so on.
  • Be proactive. Look at how other businesses re handling their customers during a time like this. For example you could start with online deliveries so that customers can shop from the safety and comfort of their home. You can show them how your business is taking measures to reduce the spread of the virus. What steps are being taken to ensure cleanliness and so on? This is a good way of getting the trust of your clients.
  • Make changes in the language and the visual imagery. Make sure that there are no visuals of individuals touching. Instead focus on reframing the language of the advertisement. Avoid using messages which talk about interaction. These can cast a wrong impression. Instead choose language which allows customers to practice social distancing. You can use sentences like stay safe and shop from the comfort of your home.
  • It should be kept in mind that the quarantine period is temporary and things would get back to normal at some point in the future. While thing are uncertain at the moment campaigns need to reassure client that they are with them through this crisis. Motivational lines can create a good impact and help boost the morale of the community as a whole.
  • Make sure your clients know about the store closure or any policy updates which you have made in the business strategy. Focus on news centric content. However this needs to be done responsibly as well. Make sure you get guidance from the right marketing analyst to help you find the right strategy during this crisis.
  • It’s a time in which one needs to be positive but one shouldn’t be ignorant either. While it’s a grim scenario out there you don’t have to sound too grim. Instead focus on helping give people hope and trying to boost their morale. For example you can tactfully say that a small part of the profit would go towards helping people in need. This allows your business to practice mindful marketing in a time of crisis.
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